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After the pandemic, what next for my small business?

“What next for my small business in a post-pandemic world?” 4 Steps You Can Take to Face the New World The Covid pandemic has changed us all in material and mental ways. Many, including your loved ones, associates as well as customers, have gone through some form of...

Website question #5: Should you hire a copywriter?

The short answer is no. You don’t have to hire anyone who will know nothing close to what you know about your own business. To write the main content of your website, the best helping hand is at the end of your arm! If you aren’t comfortable writing, you can ask your business partner or a senior colleague to help out.

Website question #4: Is e-mail marketing for me?

Depending on if your business is teaching (video course, pdf course, one-on-one classes), design (interior, graphic, landscaping), consultancy (business, marketing, life coach), professional service (financial, legal, medical) or something else, you will need a consistent method to bring in new clients.

Website question #3: How many images should I have?

How many photos do you need for impact? You will need about 5-15 illustrative photos for a small website of 4-5 pages. Such images illustrate aspects of your business or those running it and are often homespun photos taken on your cellphone. Examples of illustrative photos: