Use the Cost Estimator below to calculate the true price of your website

Pay for what you need, nothing more

To know what your website will cost, use the Cost Estimator below that is based on everything that I shared in my e-book: The True Price of a Small Business Web Site. 

All the features discussed there are here so that you can easily tick off the boxes to get the final total cost. Note that the Estimator is NOT for e-commerce sites, which depend a lot on not only the number of products but also all the possible product variations (size, shape, color, format, etc.)

If you have an e-commerce site to cost, write to us using the Quote Form giving details of your products and variations.

Click on the SUBMIT button once you’re done finalizing. We will receive your requirements and get back to you shortly for the next steps.

Note: Depending on whether your business is teaching (video course, pdf course, one-on-one classes), design (interior,graphic, landscaping), consultancy (business, marketing, life coach), professional service (financial, legal, medical) or something else, you will need some specific functionalities not listed above. Go ahead with the submission in any case and we can discuss special requirements in a follow-up Zoom call.

If you’re unsure of what features you need and what you don’t download the e-book alongside: The True Price of a Small Business Web Site for details. If you haven’t already, that is.


So what happens after I submit my Cost Estimator form?

Both you and us will receive a copy of the form for our reference. We will go through your requirements and initiate the following steps:

Step 1. E-mail you a customized response asking for clarifications, the nature of your business (salon/spa or dentist or consultancy… ) and a few other questions to help us prepare ourselves for a one-on-one call. Once we receive your response, we are ready for Step 2.

Step 2. We will fix a mutually convenient Zoom call of about 20 minutes to discuss your choices, special requirements you may have, our own initial suggestions on the web build, etc. The focus is on understanding the details and scope of the project accurately from a costing point of view that is fair to both parties. There will be time for execution tweaks and minor revisions once we start the actual work. Now is the time to agree on the boundaries of the project – what will get done, what will not. This clarity early on helps throughout the life of the project.

Note: The discussions may be close to 30 minutes or over if yours is an e-commerce site.

Step 3. We will send you a final estimate and a timeline. If there isn’t any special requirement to be met, this will pretty much be the same estimate you got with the Cost Estimator. Otherwise, the estimate will reflect the results of our Zoom call discussions on features. You now give us the green light to go ahead.

Step 4. Initial deposit and start of work. We take 20% of the project cost to start with. Once you pay (Paypal or credit card), we get to work!

What if my business has special requirements not mentioned in the Cost Estimator?

This can happen because businesses vary widely. You have two opportunities in the initial stage (before finalizing doing business with us) to bring up these special requirements.

First, please see Step 1 of the previous answer when we send you a response e-mail. You can highlight your needs when you reply to that.

Second, in Step 2 of the previous answer, during our Zoom call of 20 minutes, you have time to explain and discuss your requirements in depth.

How long will it take to build my website?

It depends on the nature and complexity of the site to be built. Having said that, for a non-eCommerce site with up to 10 pages, it will take 4 weeks. E-commerce sites are difficult to estimate the time for because it depends on the number of products and variations. And these vary from project to project.

But rest assured: Whatever your kind of site, once we have the Zoom call, the final estimate we send will give you a timeline as well as the cost. That is what we will adhere to.

Note: The main reason for delays in project completion, in our experience, is not receiving content in time from clients!

What are the payment terms?

Initial deposit to kick off the project: 20%

Upon design approval and completion of 2-3 pages based on the approved design: 20%

On porting to final hosting destination: 40%

Final approval and launch date: 20%

‘Porting to final hosting destination’ refers to the fact that your website is developed by us on our own subdomain (server) at first. Once the build reaches about 75-80% of its final state, we port it (transfer it) to your final hosting platform (BlueHost, DreamHost, whatever).

What if I don’t like the design?

We have a process on website design that takes care of what can be very subjective and time-consuming. From the start, we involve you in talking about design ideas and discuss concrete references. If you don’t like the web design, you have the option to ask for two revisions. In practice, that’s all it takes to get on track.

Do you do site re-design?

Very much! We can help you out if you think your site needs an upgrade. Send us a mail giving a link to your current site and mentioning what changes you’re thinking about.

We will respond with our initial suggestions by email and suggest we talk it over a 20-minute Zoom call if our broad approach made sense to you. After the Zoom call, we send you a final estimate of cost and timeline.

Do you do logo design?

We do ($250 with two revisions). You will find it as part of our Cost Estimator in the ‘Cost of Specific Features’ section. Tick the box if you need a logo.

How do I get in touch with you now and through the project?

A simple email is all takes. We keep all your information organized over the course of the project in one single place, so nothing you send gets lost in a sea of emails.

So, from your end, you can keep sending us regular emails to communicate and we will keep it all in order behind the scenes. It’s easy and convenient for you. It stays organized for us.

What about maintenance, updates and tech support?

We take care of all that tech stuff year after year once the site goes live. Nothing to worry about there. The standard fee is mentioned in our Cost Estimator in the first section. If you need help, we’re an email away.

Will you train me/us on how to use and update content after it’s built?

Training you with the back-end essentials is part of our handover procedure. This is especially crucial for e-commerce sites. The owner must know how to enter new products, revise prices, offer promotions, change front page content, offer subscriptions and coupons and a whole lot more.

Even for non-eCommerce sites, a client must know how to make edits and revisions to their site as also create pieces of new content like blog posts. Rest assured, we have a process and you will learn all you must know.

In practice, even months after a site goes up, clients feel free to drop a line and ask about how to do this or that on their pages. We always oblige and are happy to do so.

Who are you and where are you based?

We are Blue Mountain Code.

I’m Narayan Kumar a copywriter, creative director, web designer and ad agency owner with more than 30 years of experience. I’m based out of Mumbai the business hub of India and also operate out of an isolated hill home in the Nilgiris (literally ‘blue mountains’), a thousand kilometers away. With my wife Dipika, a writer and designer herself, I run our web design business.

The Grammarly score sheet I got this week (shown above) says my vocabulary is better than 98% of all Grammarly users and is typical of the scores I get each week. So if you’re thinking of communication skills, let alone high-caliber copywriting skills, you have no cause for worry.

Because we are committed to giving small business houses a fair and true price, our prices tend to be competitive and wallet-friendly. We also don’t have huge living costs or mortgages that YOU have to end up paying for!

We work, as is increasingly common these days, with clients from different parts of the world. This is why, perhaps, our work is said to have an urbane and international look rather than an insular and limiting one.

You can see samples of our work here. You can read about us here. You can also write to us at for any additional information.

What about the time difference? Will it come in the way?

As a client of ours in California is fond of saying, “it’s good to know that my site keeps getting built even as I sleep!” If you’re in US/Canada you wake up to check on the progress made overnight. When we wake up here in India, we get to see the review and comments you made. It’s a clean division of time, if you ask us.

For live conversations in Zoom, any time between 7.30 am and 1:00 pm EDT is good on any given day. If it’s EST then any time between 7:30 am and 12 noon is fine. If you’re a night owl, any time from 9:00 pm (EST) onward is very good with us. If you’re in the UK, any time between your 8:00 am and 5:00 pm is good with us for a Zoom call.

Of course, we will pre-arrange all calls to suit us mutually.

Dipika and Narayan run Blue Mountain Code as a small business. Narayan is a writer, designer and developer for more years than he cares to remember. Dipika is also a writer and designer who co-creates websites with him.

She says, “We will be delighted to take on your website challenges and give them our personal attention. We assure you a progressive, feature-filled and modern website at a good price. We stick to our deadlines and our process is transparent.”

The beautiful Nilgiris range in South India is where they have a home in the hills. Nilgiris literally means ‘blue mountains’. It is a fine place for Narayan to play his classical guitar and also to run his blog for classical guitarists all over the world (

When the pandemic subsides, as it will, you should make a trip to this part of the world. They’ll take good care of you.