Heard of WordPress? Use it to build your business website.

Considering the vast number of technologies out there, WordPress alone accounts for a staggering 40% of all websites on the planet.

Surely there must be a reason for this insane popularity. Here’s a clutch of reasons.

1. It is open source, which means free. There is no license fee to be paid to anyone, now or ever, for using WordPress.

3. You can do it yourself. It will take a couple of weeks to learn perhaps. You will figure out enough to build simple sites. Complex sites, including e-commerce sites, will however involve a significant learning curve.

3. A good designer (not coder) can become a WordPress expert fast, which is a good thing from a functional and aesthetic point of view. You can get a stunning-looking website from a good designer more than you can from a proficient programmer or coder.

4. Once built and given to you, you can personally edit or create content. It is no more difficult to create new content on a WordPress site than it is to use Word to create a document. This is its biggest attraction.

5. WordPress comes with themes which decide the look of the website. In the hands of someone with good taste and who knows what they are doing, a good theme can make even a simple site look truly world-class.

6. Unlike a Wix site or content posted on social media, a WordPress website (and all the content in it) belongs to you. Ownership is all yours, from day one, now and forever. You are the king.

And the last point is more of a caveat.

7. Is WordPress really, really free? Hmm, not really. Besides paying the designer to customize it for you, you pay for plugins. Plugins are little, necessary pieces of code that attach themselves to the free code of mother WordPress. These plugins accomplish small but crucial tasks and are often free. But the real good ones you have to pay for. Not much, to be fair, though. (Rough price: about $50 to $100 per year per plugin.)

Get a designer who is comfortable with WordPress. And you’re in business.