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Basic website cost


For a standard, non-ecommerce website with up to 8 pages. These pages typically are: Home page, About page, Contact page,  2 or 3 Services pages, Privacy Policy page, Testimonials page, etc. This does not include blog pages or any ecommerce-related pages.

Basic website utilities

Optional features

Email marketing integrated package

Creation and maintenance of mailing lists for a full email marketing strategy

Ecommerce package (virtual products)

Ecommerce feature for consulting/teaching services. (If you need a full-fledged LMS click 'no' here and choose the next feature below.)

LMS package for trainers and coaches

Full fledged e-learning package with e-commerce

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Structure of a Small Business Website: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

This little e-book has valuable information on the questions you should ask before building your business website. The e-book was originally in the form of 5 blog articles. Enjoy!