Why can’t I do a website for my business by myself?

Why can’t I do a website for my business by myself? Why go to someone else?

There are ready solutions out there for helping you make your own website. Sites like Wix and GoDaddy offer templates for you to tweak and create your custom site without needing any knowledge of code or jargon. You simply put in your content – text and images – in the templates and your site is ready.

If cost is of utmost concern, as it always is, then you may choose this solution and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no reason for not using these sites. There is a learning curve involved as with anything new but it is not that difficult. As long as you have the time and inclination to pick up new skills, a Wix or Weebly site will serve you well.

The limitations of this approach have to do with using any simple or basic solution. You can’t fine-tune or customise beyond a point. As many an entrepreneur has found out, the design and content you can display do not always bend to your will. You very much are limited by the template. This may not matter to you in the beginning, but it can get to you after a while.

Another technical limitation is that your site belongs not to you (even after you’ve paid for it) but to Wix or the platform it is on. If such things matter to you – it should for a serious business or practice – then a self-hosted site using free software like WordPress is ideal. Such a site belongs to you from day one and forever.

Of course, you will need a decent web developer to put together a custom WordPress to match your needs. You shouldn’t have trouble finding one you like and comes recommended through someone you trust.