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We are a 50+ designer couple and a small business ourselves. Download our free e-book The True Price of a Small Business Website for practical cost-saving tips. It’s a valuable resource whether you build with us or anyone else.

Calculate the true price of your website. Get agency-level quality at freelancer prices! Download the free e-book alongside to learn how to save on website costs: The True Price of a Small Business Web Site with fully worked-out examples.

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Note: Depending on whether your business is teaching (video course, pdf course, one-on-one classes), design (interior, graphic, landscaping), consultancy (business, marketing, life coach), professional service (financial, legal, medical) or something else, you will need some specific functionalities not listed above. Use the contact form below to mention any special requirements and we can send you a quote.

Cost components of your business website

Recurring annual costs

What you must put aside each year

This includes domain name, hosting, annual subscriptions for plugins and annual maintenance fee for upkeep and security of site

Regular build costs

Cost of basic features that all websites need

Basic pages (up to 10) like Home, About, Contact, FAQ, etc., stock images, social media links, responsive site, Google analytics, email accounts (up to 10). We also give you extra pages like Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and 404 Error Page.

Extra features

Cost of what makes your web site different

This will include some of the following functionalities usually: blog, image slider (carousel), image gallery, email marketing, event handling, appointments system, etc.


It’s all about the number of products and the variations

Because of the wide range of products and variations (shape, size, color, etc.), you need to tell us the exact details for us to quote with accuracy. We suggest a Zoom call if you prefer to talk it over instead of writing in. We have enough experience to ask the right questions for the best quote possible.

When you ask us for a quote, we will quote for the most common features (in columns one and two below) as well as for the special features you want for your site (column three) plus anything else you may need. If yours is an e-commerce site, please see our notes in column four.

Recent work

Recruitment firm


Classical guitar

Literary community

Nutritional supplements

Creative portfolio



Recipes and stories

Web design shop

Advertising agency

Boutique sarees

What clients say

You took our partly formed vision and created a stunning reality. You are a very talented team and collaborated with us every step of the way, from beginning to end. You walked us through the process, were patient with our questions, and took the initiative to keep us on our timeline.

Our website has received tremendous appreciation across the globe. It is aesthetically pleasing, modern, informative, and user-friendly. You definitely went above and beyond.

Ambika Gautam

Founding Partner, The People Network

Narayan has been extremely helpful to me in helping to develop and realize my project visions. He has the technical skills, artistic/design skills, and interpersonal communication skills to guide a client to the full realization of his or her goals. He matches himself to the pace of stakeholders and is always precise and on-time with deliverables.

Bruce Donehower

Founder, The Literary Arts

Narayan and Dipika are extremely detail-oriented and knowledgeable and were patient in hearing and incorporating our requirements. Everything was handled with extreme professionalism and personalized to my business needs – definitely not something you would get from a large web agency! Narayan was also very quick in responding and resolving my queries. I highly recommend them to help you design your great e-commerce store!

Kashyap Pal

CEO, Authentic Biotics, UK

I had little clarity on how my site should look. They listened patiently and understood the essence of what I wanted. They bring a creative energy to the process. To add to that there is professionalism in the approach, and they advised and guided me, while keeping my requirements in mind. They were also flexible as I changed my specs during the process. All in all, very collaborative and rewarding process! I am now content that my cartoons have found a good home.

Shobha Prasad

Cartoonista, Shobservatory


How long will it take to build my website?

A non-eCommerce site with up to 10 pages will take 4 weeks. E-commerce sites are difficult to estimate the time for because it depends on the number of products and variations. And these vary from project to project.

But rest assured: Whatever your kind of site, once we have the Zoom call, the final estimate we send will give you a timeline as well as the cost. That is what we will adhere to.

Note: The main reason for delays in project completion, in our experience, is not receiving content in time from clients!

What are the payment terms?

Initial deposit to kick off the project: 40%

On porting to the final hosting destination: 40%

Final approval and launch date: 20%

‘Porting to final hosting destination’ refers to the fact that your website is developed by us on our own subdomain (server) at first. Once the build reaches about 75-80% of its final state, we port it (transfer it) to your final hosting platform (BlueHost, DreamHost, whatever).

Do you do re-design of an existing website?

Very much! We can help you if you think your site needs an upgrade. Send us a mail info@bluemountaincode.com giving a link to your current site and mentioning what changes you’re thinking about.

We will respond with our initial suggestions by email and follow up with a Zoom call. After the Zoom call, we send you a final estimate of cost and timeline.

Do you do logo design?

We do (₹5,000 with two revisions). You will find it as part of our Cost Estimator in the ‘Cost of Specific Features’ section. Tick the box if you need a logo.

How do I get in touch with you now and through the project?

A simple email is all takes. We keep all your information organized over the course of the project in one single place, so nothing you send gets lost in a sea of emails.

What about maintenance, updates and tech support?

We take care of all that tech stuff year after year once the site goes live. Nothing to worry about there. The standard fee is mentioned in our Cost Estimator in the first section. If you need help, we’re an email away.

Will you train me/us on how to use and update content after it’s built?

Training you with the back-end essentials is part of our handover procedure. This is especially crucial for e-commerce sites. The owner must know how to enter new products, revise prices, offer promotions, change front page content, offer subscriptions and coupons and a whole lot more.

Even for non-eCommerce sites, a client must know how to make edits and revisions to their site as also create pieces of new content like blog posts. Rest assured, we have a process and you will learn all you must know.

In practice, even months after a site goes up, clients feel free to drop a line and ask about how to do this or that on their pages. We always oblige and are happy to do so.

Who are you and where are you based?

We are Blue Mountain Code.

I’m Narayan Kumar a copywriter, creative director, web designer and ad agency owner with more than 30 years of experience. I’m based out of Mumbai the business hub of India and also operate out of an isolated hill home in the Nilgiris (literally ‘blue mountains’), a thousand kilometers away. With my wife Dipika, a writer and designer herself, we run our web design business.

Because we are committed to giving small business houses a fair and true price, our prices tend to be competitive and the quality exceedingly high. We love to give every small business the style and presentation value of a much bigger company!

Because we work with clients from different parts of the world, our work has an urbane and international look rather than a local and limiting one.

You can see samples of our work here. You can read about us here. You can also write to us at info@bluemountaincode.com for any additional information.

What is WordPress and why use it?

What’s web development?

It’s a 4-stage process with us.

Discovery. We get to discover your business. We take stock of what’s available by way of assets – images, text, videos, etc. Do we have everything we need? Any gaps that need to be filled?

Design and architecture. We draw a broad structure for content, decide on what goes where and how pages are interlinked. Simultaneously, we develop a ‘look and feel’ for the site by showing key pages with the suggested design.

Development and coding. This is the technical part where we bring the design blueprint to life. The content is fleshed out and details are filled in. When this stage is done, the site is done.

Porting and launch. We port (transfer) the site from our servers to its final server once the site is about 80-90% complete. We make final technical tweaks for the site’s security, speed and other factors. You fix a date – and we launch it then!

What is WordPress and why use it?

We build our client sites exclusively on WordPress. About 40% of the net uses it. It means you will find a help video on the net on any aspect of your site for years to come. It also is a content management system. Once the site is set up, you and your (non-technical) team can manage the content on the site by yourselves without having to call in coders to make changes/additions for you.

How much does it cost to build a business website?

There are many answers to that on the internet! Barring e-commerce sites and huge sites that run into tens of pages, the cost of a modern website should not exceed ₹1,00,000 (for up to 10 pages) and often be much less. Not a cheapo site with rubbish quality, I’m talking world-class. I’ve written a detailed pdf on this subject. You can get it for free over here.

Why can’t I choose inexpensive sites like Wix, Weebly, etc. to build my site?

If cost is of utmost concern and you want a template that is rough and ready, there’s no reason not to use these sites. It does take a little bit of futzing about to get it the way you want it to be. But it can be done and requires no coding knowledge.

If you have the inclination to get into the nitty-gritty and have the time for it, these are viable options. You should know, however, the site belongs to them, not you. Unlike a self-hosted site built on something like WordPress which is yours from day one.

Contact us for the true price of your website

Give details of the website you are planning: number of pages, a blog, number of images, special features you may want like an appointments system or an events display, etc. If an e-commerce site, give details of number of products and their variations (color, shape, size, etc.) You can always write to info@bluemountaincode.com for any clarifications you need.

Or request for a Zoom call if you want to talk it over.

    About us

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    Blue Mountain Code is a tightly run ship run by Narayan and Dipika. We build websites for small businesses, consultancies, passion projects and side hustles.

    We will be delighted to take on your website challenges and give them our personal attention. We assure you a progressive, feature-filled and modern website at a good price. We stick to our deadlines and our process is transparent.