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If you are here because someone you know is also someone I know and they referred you to me, great! Let me know what you have in mind and I can build it for you. Use the form below and give me some details. I will send you my quote. And a pretty good quote it will be too.

About us

Narayan Kumar

Narayan Kumar

Founder, Blue Mountain Code

Narayan, with 30 years of copywriting experience, has been building websites for the last decade in WordPress, Drupal and Ruby on Rails. He is based in Mumbai, India. Does he speak-uh de Yinglish? Fix a Skype appointment to convince yourself of a modicum of intelligence and ample communication skills. You can discuss your project too if all goes well in the first few minutes ūüėČ Skype: narayan.kumar11

Dipika Narayan

Dipika Narayan

Co-founder, Blue Mountain Code

Dipika is the co-founder and business manager. She has 30 years of business management experience in advertising and client relations. She keeps track of our projects and ensures all processes go smoothly. She is available on Skype to discuss your business. Also well versed in de Yinglish. Skype: pikanarayan

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Classical guitar

Literary community


Boutique sarees 

Travel photography 

Advertising agency

Recipes and stories

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