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Experts in WordPress web design

We believe every small business deserves nothing less than a world-class website

Some business owners take the inexpensive option thinking it is money saved.

A website that is badly written downgrades the image of your business. It receives no orders. It builds no confidence in the consumer. And no sense of pride in you.

Some of our own clients tried building their websites on platforms like Wix. While it started promising with all the ready-made templates, they didn’t get full control over nuances and the little changes they wanted to make.

Frankly, they also realised they weren’t designers or copywriters. Frustrated, they came to us for help. And received 100% satisfaction.

Both of us, Narayan and Dipika, have three decades of experience in leading ad agencies with campaigns for clients like Godrej, Bajaj, Reliance, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Nivea, Platinum Guild, ICICI, Birla SunLife and many more.


We understand the value of branding, sales-oriented copy and clean graphics.


Besides, Narayan wrote and published his book Building Your Business Website with WordPress to help entrepreneurs build on their own. It is available on Amazon stores worldwide.

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An expert in content strategy

Dipika Narayan, Director

With over 20 years of experience in advertising and brand communication, Dipika Narayan is passionate about helping small business owners create and enhance their brand identity and online presence. As Director at Blue Mountain Code and a published author, Dipika delivers effective and aesthetic websites, content and strategy for clients across various domains and industries.


“While we are not the cheapest option out there, we think you’ll find the personal attention given by two pros will put your business presence online on a rock-solid footing. Every day, we help small businesses and consultancies create well designed, well written, world-class websites. We do it hands on. We don’t have employees. We don’t outsource.”

So if you want to finally experience the pride of owning a full impact website, generating regular sales enquiries and elevating your online presence, book that Zoom call with us. Let’s get going!

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Dipika Narayan, Founder and Director, Blue Mountain Code

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